Marriage in the Realms

In BTACD, there are very few cultures (specifically, the Icemarkian folk and the Halgian Empire's peoples) that practice the Earthrealm's version of marriage. Instead, the terms 'husband' and 'wife' - along with most versions of a marriage ceremony - are dropped for the universal term of 'pairbond' and 'pairbonding', to which there is no real ceremony, unless the couple wills it.

Humans, elves, and humanoid creatures in general usually are pairbonded when they choose a lifelong partner. Dragons and other animals that choose a partner to spend their lives with are called 'mates', and though the same connection may occur mentally, they are generally not called anything different. There are no marriage rites or rituals for pairbonding, unless a certain culture demands it; Halgian weddings, as well as Icemarkian rituals, are detailed on the rituals page.

A pairbonding is described by Kazule as two who love one another being together for several years, to which their bond is nigh unbreakable. The golden threads of their minds are very closely tied, intertwined in a way unique, and only the bond of a dragon and rider could be considered stronger. A pairbonding cannot be broken by many means, and is created and tempered much like the aforementioned bond between dragon and rider, though generally happens over a longer period of time. If betrayal, death, or something else breaks a pairbonding between two people, both will be subject to crippling pain on the mental plane, the connection of threads severed beyond repair.

Death of a Pairbond

The sudden death of a pairbond is a devastating thing. When the bond is suddenly, violently severed, the threads of the mind may snap back and damage one mentally, and in many cases the damage done may be irrepairable. Recovery from this break can be many years long, and the pain may linger for many years more. However, if a pairbond dies, then another may eventually take their place.