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land of WATER and AIR (Ca'irandros)

Country of Ca'irandros


[country name:: Ca'irandros

[ruling species:: mixed

[native language:: Common

[capital:: Sylbaren.

[monarch(s):: Lord Tuor (NPC).


Noctis is an unusual world covered in water; few islands dot the seas here and there, held as neutral territory between the five countries: Gilzelfa, Yordan and Trinakk of the sky, as well as Finnarok and Kain of the sea. Above these vast oceans float massive sky-continents that form the various countries of the air, held in place by strong magic infused with the stones, having said to been put in place during a terrible flood countless years ago. If one explores the undersides of these floating islands, they're covered in intricate runes and symbols, glyphs that hold the Ancient Magic together.

Stable portals that allow closely-watched travel between the sea, sky, and land exist in the cities of Cecil, Rosa, Rydia, and Golbez. Portals are lined with moving glyphs across an archway of stone, a swirling mass of reiatsu shifting and turning within. These portals are fixed points to specific locations on the Realm's surface; they can only be pointed to other stable portals, and cannot be directed out of Noctis itself.

The countries of the sea and sky are, more often than not, at war with eachother - sky fighting sky, and sea fighting sea. There hasn't been a recorded battle between sea and sky in many years, though Gilzefla and Finnarok constantly seek to absorb their smaller neighbors.

Noctis is known for its three moons; one a bright gold, one a startling white, and one a blueish silver. These nights are as bright as day when all three moons hold in the sky together, and they are known as Tifa, Kali, and Rhui.

[ Cairandros; land of water and air-//]

Cairandros is a hotbed of intrigue as Gilfezla and Finnarok zealously try to bring this region under their respective spheres of influence. While the peoples, Sky and Sea both, largely remain under their own authority, the influences of the great powers in the Realm continue to grow, leading to occasional angry disputes between those who wish to join with Gilfezla or Finnarok, and those who would rather remain independent.

sky cities;;

RACE: avians, sky-Kin xeriin, humans. LEADER: Jando (NPC). TIER: two.
LANGUAGE(S): Common. ALLEGIANCE: Gilfelza.

APPEARANCE: Anwar is built into a gorge on a craggy island, amid wind-scoured pillars of stone. While the upper reaches of the city can accommodate larger creatures, most of the city is sized for purely humanoid species. Much of the stonework is composed of red sandstone, and the structures are carved from solid rock.

CULTURE: The people of Anwar are typically reserved towards outsiders, and prefer to keep to themselves. They are considerably warmer towards each other, and those who have managed to win their trust. They have numerous festivals designed around the various phases and alignments of the moons, and much of their art is likewise lunar-inspired.

RACE: avians, keht'shu, d'jini, sky-Kin xeriin. LEADER: Azho. TIER: two.
LANGUAGE(S): Common. ALLEGIANCE: Gilfelza.

APPEARANCE: Emryn stands out n a striking manner from the the rest of Noctis for one main reason. The entire city extends downward from the underside of the island it was built on. Legends claim the island was flipped upside down in ancient times, and the people simply remodeled the still-intact structures to fit their needs. Whatever the case may be, structures made of a mix of stone and timber hang from the island, connected here and there by wooden bridges.

CULTURE: Emryn's people are rather egregious and generous, even towards those who dwell in the sea below. Their city's unique design allows them to better appreciate the ocean, and they make occasional forays down to the water's surface to trade, and partake in the occasional mutual festival with sea-dwellers.

RACE: roc'a, avians, gryphons. LEADER: Tuor (NPC). TIER: three.
LANGUAGE(S): Common. ALLEGIANCE: Gilfelza.

APPEARANCE: Sylbaren is a mix of tall, slender spires inside of which the avians make their homes, and wide galleries and where roc'a and gryphons roost. The city is crafted from silver-blue stones, and is labyrinthine in arrangement, built in such a way that navigating the city without the ability to fly is next to impossible. A mighty spire called the Tower of the Moon rises above the rest of the city, and serves as both temple and palace. At the top of the tower is an open gallery used as an observatory.

CULTURE: The inhabitants of Sylbaren are proud, and hold themselves to a strict moral code. They aggressively patrol their territory, and stubbornly defend what they believe is theirs. However, they tend to welcome outsiders, provided they can fly and are willing to follow the city's laws.

RACE: dragons, gryphons, roc'a. LEADER: Jora. TIER: one.
LANGUAGE(S): Common. ALLEGIANCE: Gilfelza.

APPEARANCE: Vista is little more than a towering metal spire. Numerous open galleries are nestled within its exterior, and a myriad collection of aeries and caves surround its base. The tower itself is often wreathed in lightning, as the top of the spire is crowned with an ever-present group of storm clouds. Wild rumors suggest that the inhabitants of Vista are hiding something at the base of the tower that either draws the storms, or is somehow dependent on the storms.

CULTURE: The inhabitants of Vista are fiercely territorial, and aggressively maintain their borders. Very rarely are any outsiders ever welcomed, and of those few, they are never of races not already found in Vista. Those few who have visited never speak of their experience on the island, and since the inhabitants are so fiercely independent, much of Vista's culture is unknown. However, the inhabitants have been observed engaging in contests involving racing bolts of lightning, or other, similar displays.

sea cities;;

RACE: Merfolk, Selkies, Ocean-Kin Xeriin. LEADER: Amathia. TIER: Three.
LANGUAGE(S): Common. ALLEGIANCE: Finnarok.

APPEARANCE: Benares is a city contained entirely within a large coral reef. Within, chambers and passageways have been carved, resulting in a labyrinthine layout. Several interior chambers have been crafted so they're entirely dry, while others are entirely submerged, or only partially. Outside, the coral presents a colorful wall, with entrances into the city few and far between, most of which are carefully concealed.

CULTURE: Benares is a cultural center, renowned for its fine art. Paints and dyes are produced from the coral, and from plants and sea life cultivated nearby. While these paints and dyes are manufactured in some of the air-filled chambers within the city, they are treated to be waterproof, allowing their arts to be displayed within any underwater dwelling, as well as open air. While they tend to keep to themselves, they are welcoming to those who show appreciation of art.

RACE: Ocean-Kin Xeriin, Aquatic Saurians. LEADER: Dyn. TIER: One.
LANGUAGE(S): Common. ALLEGIANCE: Finnarok.

APPEARANCE: Gelan is a s all settlement, with dwellings largely constructed from sandstone, tucked away into a submerged group of small caves. A sizable number of oyster beds are positioned nearby. Most of the dwellings and furnishings are simple in design and spartan in decor, with a large, central meeting hall being the sole exception.

CULTURE: The people of Gelan are are rather insular and clannish, preferring to keep to themselves. Outsiders are barely welcomed, and are often sent on their way as soon as possible. Pearl farming is central to Gelan's entire existence, and forms the basis for their economy. The local population of saurians patrol the local waters, and often aggressively drive wanderers away.

RACE: Merfolk, Hippocampus, Various Aquatic Species. LEADER: Ladon. TIER: Four.
LANGUAGE(S): Common. ALLEGIANCE: Finnarok.

APPEARANCE: A vast metropolis nestled within a massive underwater cave. Wide 'streets' run between stone structures just like what might be found on land, broad enough to allow sea dragons and other large aquatic creatures to pass through in comfort. Many of the structures are carved from green stones, although a blue sheen from the light trickling down from the surface ripples across much of the city. A palatial spire rises from the city center, and a great chasm runs through the city, leading to a great, dark drop-off.

CULTURE: Stran is a very cosmopolitan place, with aquatic species of nearly all kinds living within its borders. They largely disdain the surface, and pay little to no attention to those who dwell above the waves, preferring to focus on their lives, and leave the surface world to its own devices. Representatives of every species living within the city form an advisory council that helps keep the city running, while ultimate authority lies with the elected monarch.

other cities;;

RACE: dragons and sea dragons. LEADER: Yddraig. TIER: one.
LANGUAGE(S): Common, Draconic. ALLEGIANCE: Free.

APPEARANCE: Tinda-Lau is a towering city of white stone and blue crystal, built atop a mostly submerged, but still floating island. Several island peaks emerge from the watery depths to form a small mountain range. The city itself is likewise partially submerged, with the underwater levels serving as home to sea dragon. The upper levels are home to their winged cousins. A massive chamber, half-filled with water, and a broad platform running along the walls allows the dragons to socialize freely.

CULTURE: Tinda-Lau stands in defiance of the typical sky vs. sea mentality that exists on much of Noctis. However, few who are not of draconic descent have ever been allowed to enter the city, and a great barrier, maintained by the dragons living there, bars entrance to those who might try to enter uninvited.


Abysmal Deep
An exceptionally deep trench in the bottom of the ocean, far below where the light from the surface stops. Few dare to approach the Deep, and none have ever found discovered just how deep it is. It is from the Abysmal Deep that the great kraken arose to unleash its wrath upon the surface world.
Drowned Isle
A floating island formerly located well above the water's surface, the Drowned Isle was hauled beneath the waves by an enormous, enraged kraken during the war between Sky and Sea. The ruins of lost Pelaris still stand on the island.
The Moonstone
A great, gleaming sphere made of an unknown golden substance. Every night, after sunset, the Moonstone rises from the water's depths and hovers high above the surface, and every morning, as the sun begins to rise, it sinks beneath the waves once more. The surface of the Moonstone appears to flow like liquid, but it solid to the touch.
Tumbling Stones
A group of floating rocks endlessly tumbling and swirling through the air. While flying through or even close to the stones is dangerous, avoiding them isn't hard, as they are otherwise stationary.5
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