The zodiac is a collection of signs tied to each month, said to influence the way certain individuals are. Though there is no way of knowing how true this holds, many still believe in it, and it's treated as fact by many scholars.

While the Allied Realms share a zodiac between them, initially discovered by the elves, Kurai and Ristell have their own variations.

Allied Zodiac

Zodiac Sign: Water

The element of water is associated with gentleness and placidness, paired with intense justice. Those born in the sign of water will often tread the path of mediator, of magecraft, or summoner. Often, animalistic species with this sign will stray away from the path of war, whereas humanoid will be drawn towards it if only to break two parties apart and serve due justice to the side found guilty.

The month of Coiasira is Water.

Zodiac Sign: Wind

The element of wind is associated with determination and compassion. Those born in the time of wind are often natural leaders; self-sacrificing and courageous, many will stand up where others wouldn't. Be that as it may, some become arrogant and too self-assured in their righteousness, and suffer from insanity because of it. Fewer still will become enraptured and controlled by their compassion, forced to see only darkness, until guilt over the worlds' sins drive them to suicide.

The month of Ilmen is Wind.

Zodiac Sign: Earth

The element of earth is associated with strength and solidity; the desire to protect. Often will those born in the sign of earth will become guards or sentinels, guarding what they hold most precious. However, some are struck with a violent strain of greed, and become possessive over what they own and what they know.

The month of Kelvar is Earth.

Zodiac Sign: Fire

The element of fire is associated with temper and curiosity; the desire to discover and create, paired with a strain holding the incessant need to destroy. Animalistic individuals born in the sign of Fire are usually arrogant and headstrong, contradictory in nature. Humanoid less so, with greater control over their emotions and abilities. Many hold places of power, striving towards leadership and pushing on in times of great strife. The will to survive is stronger than most.

The month of Meiva is Fire.

Zodiac Sign: Lightning

The element of lightning is associated with wildness, instability and impatience. Dark or light, good or evil, those born in the sign of lightning will be driven towards greater power and unpredictability. Some hold a strain of losing control of their power, or having multiple personalities, where others appear to hide their powers and emotions exceptionally well as to appear nearly lifeless until times of great need. It is said that many of the Ancients, those not of dragonkin, were born in the time of lightning, and electricity fuels their long lives.

The month of Elen is Lightning.