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land of the GODS (Yosa Kyakih)

Country of Yosa Kyakih


[country name:: Yosa Kyakih

[ruling species:: lyzards

[native language:: Lizzykarthian

[capital:: None

[monarch(s):: none


Also known as the Undying Realm, Lizzarkyth boasts the greatest forests of any in the known Realms, some trees as ancient as the world itself. The vegetation here does not die naturally and all creatures hold nature in the greatest respect, taking only what is needful for them to survive. While lyzards dominate the skies with their levitating leaves, many fey animals lurk within the forests, some never seen by any eyes but their own. It is said that the lyzards welcome outsiders with a cool respect, for they are a peaceful species and not enamored of those who frequently bring trouble to their Realm. Dragons, however, are a fundamental aspect of their faith and greatly revered.


RACE: lyzard, saurian. LEADER: Kidinga (NPC). TIER: two.
LANGUAGE(S): Lyzzarthian. ALLEGIANCE: free.

APPEARANCE: Yzarl is a city nestled in the branches of an enormous, miles-high tree that resembles a dragon. At its base, the tree's trunk is reminiscent of a dragon's hindquarters with its tail wrapped around its feet, while its branching limbs resemble wings. Nestled between the spreading wing-branches is what appears to be a head. The tops of the branches rise so high the tops are covered in frost year-round. Dwellings are hollowed out of the mighty tree's bark, and small bodies of water collect in parts of the various branches.

CULTURE: Names after the long-faded goddess Yzarl, this city is a major center of dragon worship on Lizzarkyth. Many of its inhabitants have never set foot on the surface, and the city is largely dependent on outsiders who manage to reach it for information. The highest branches are reserved for lyzard priests.

RACE: lyzard, saurian. LEADER: Botolf (NPC). TIER: two.
LANGUAGE(S): Lyzzarthian. ALLEGIANCE: free.

APPEARANCE: Samarlak is a mobile settlement made from various rivercraft lashed together with ropes and connected with wooden gangplanks whenever the flotilla decides to stop for a while. The boats in question are typically hallow drafted and wide, providing significant areas to walk around on. The overall layout often seems rather haphazard, but the inhabitants of Samarlak manage just fine nonetheless.

CULTURE: The people of Samarlak are a vibrant, hardy folk who depend on the rivers for their survival. A small population of saurians, little bigger than lyzards if that, have taken up residence in Samarlak, and add their diverse colors to the spectacle that is the moving city of the rivers. They are viewed as somewhat whimsical due to their tendency to abruptly up and relocate, often without forewarning.

RACE: saurians. LEADER: none. TIER: one.
LANGUAGE(S): Lizzarthian. ALLEGIANCE: free.

APPEARANCE: Hidden away in a mountainous caldera, Baz is more a ceremonial site than a true city. Numerous pavilions, cloistered walkways, aqueducts, spires, and arches have been carved from solid stone. A massive open arena big enough to hold many saurians stands at the center of the city.

CULTURE: Baz was founded as a place where saurians of any size and kind could go to settle disputes, or socialize in peace. Shedding blood within the city is taboo, although drawing blood from somebody who breaks the taboo is acceptable. Therefore, carnivores and herbivores holding civil discussions are a common sight. Within the city, atop a tall spire, an ancient bronze horn, untarnished by time, stands, and numerous heavy bells hang in various places, each with a specific meaning.


Halkion's Grove:
A great, vine-covered landmark that takes the form of a massive eagle. Within the eagle's wings grows a beautiful grove of trees surrounding a pool of the purest water. It is said that drinking if the water will cure any ill, and cleanse any poison.

Aelia's Stone:
A great, long stone shaped like a snake that coils around a small mound. Upon the sides of the stone snake, bas-reliefs of various animals have been carved and painted. It is said that sleeping near the stone will bring dreams of Lizzarkyth's past to the sleeper, and shelter from any predators in the area.
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